PRIVACY POLICY We’d like to inform you that all the data provided to the manager of the web site, in the contact form (or the e-mail form), are treated according to the Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 regarding the privacy policy. The contact form on this web site will be only used for the purpose to contact the firms mentioned in the Catalogue or the manager of the web site. This information sheet concerns all the personal data, which are provided by the visitors of this web site in the contact form. The details filled in voluntarily can be recorded in terms of a received e-mail by the owner of the web site. Other data according to your visit on this web site will not be saved and they will not be recorded on other data mediums. COOKIES The web site of web site does not use cookies or other analogue applications to collect or transmit the customer’s data; the data are only recorded for statistic purpose (e.g. number of visitors on the web site, number of visitors on each web page, internet provider name of the visitor on the web site). 1) PURPOSE OF DATA PROCESSING The data in the contact form on the web site are only used for the purpose to contact you, to answer your questions or to inform you about the products or firms mentioned into the catalogue. 2) METHOD OF DATA PROCESSING AND PRIVACY POLICY The personal data are only used for the purpose mentioned in item 1) or for informational, commercial or advertising purpose if the company EMC – Editores Associados Ltda. wants to inform about changes in the company. The data are only used for the purpose pursuant to the current law D. Lgs. 196/2003 art. 4 paragraph 1 letter a). The data are administrated by the controller of the web site. 3) METHOD OF DATA TRANSMISSION AND CONSEQUENCES OF DATA REFUSAL We’d like to inform you that you are not obliged to fill your personal data in the contact form, the completion is voluntary. If you refuse to fill in your data, pursuant to paragraph 1, you will not be able to contact the companies or the manager by the contact form. 4) ADMINISTRATION OF DATA/RESPONSIBLE PERSON FOR DATA PROCESSING The data in the contact form will be mailed to the controller of the data processing, or rather to the responsible person of EMC – Editores Associados Ltda., localizada na rua Aleixo Neto, 454, sala 308, Praia do Canto, Vitória, ES. 5) RIGHTS OF THE INTERESTED PARTY Please remember that you have the right to get information about the data processing referring to the contact form from the controller of the web site at any time, pursuant to art. 7 of the current law D. Lgs. 196/2003: ART. 7 D. LGS. 196/20013 – the right to get access to the personal data and other rights The interested party has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of the personal data, even if not yet recorded, but any information must be communicated in an intelligible manner. The interested party has the right to get the following information: a) about the origin of the personal data; b) about the purpose and method of data saving; c) about the logical system applied in case of electronic data storage; d) about the identity of the company owner, the responsible associates and the company manager pursuant to art. 5 paragraph 2; e) about the administrators or categories of administrators who have to do with data processing or data communication, as well as about the company manager designated for the national territory, the responsible employees and the representatives. The interested party has the right to obtain: a) updates, corrections or possible completion of the personal data; b) cancellation, transformation of data into an anonymous form or the blocking of data, if the data are handled against law; this applies also to data which are not recorded after being used; c) confirmation, if the procedures pursuant to a) and b) have been transmitted, concerning particularly the contents, to those who are responsible for data transmission and data processing, unless it is possible and if the effort required is in a reasonable proportion to the legal protection. The interested party has the right: a) to refuse data processing and data collection for legitimate reasons; b) to refuse data processing, if the data are used to distribute advertising material or for the purpose of direct selling, market research and opinion polling or for means of advertising. 6) DURATION OF DATA RECORDING Your personal data are recorded in our archives, as long as you are not claiming the cancellation of your data. 7) CHANGES OF PRIVACY POLICY The privacy policy of EMC- Editores Associados Ltda. can be updated or changed, primarily to conform to national, local and international regulations or to keep up with technological innovations. Updates and/or changes of privacy policy are published on this web site, to inform properly the interested party about the use of personal data.